Representative Experience

Recent Arbitrator/Mediator/Consultant Experience

  • Appointed as party nominated arbitrator in Hong Kong International Arbitration Center dispute involving bitcoin mining. In  excess of $10 million at issue. Hong Kong law governs.
  • Named as party nominated arbitrator in ad hoc arbitration involving sales of high tech equipment by large US company to government in the Middle East. Amount at issue TBD. New York governing law.
  • Served as expert witness in ICC case involving sale of satellite telecommunications  capacity. In excess of $10 million at issue. Complete victory (including award of costs) for party who appointed me. My testimony was key determinant in arbitrator’s decision. Hawaii/US Government Contracts law.
  • Appointed as emergency arbitrator by AAA/ICDR in case involving software licensing and franchising issues involving U.S. and Indian parties.
  • Acted as expert witness on handling of proprietary information in an injunctive and damages case in the Federal District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia.Appointed as arbitrator in  ICDR case involving dispute between a large international satellite operator and its insurers over denial of coverage on a satellite which is performing less than specification. Approximately $20 million at issue. New York governing law.
  • Appointed as arbitrator in  ICC case between a jet engine manufacturer and major subcontractor supplying critical subsystems. Over $50 million at issue. New York governing law.
  • Appointed as arbitrator in a large ICDR case between involving technology transfer issues between a major US Government contractor and its European Union based supplier.
  • Appointed as sole arbitrator by the ICC in an arbitration involving distributorship agreements between U.S. based equipment manufacturer and its European based distributor. Claims over $8 million; Iowa governing law.
  • Appointed as sole arbitrator by AAA/International Centre for Dispute Resolution in complex case involving movement of power equipment from Afghanistan to the United Arab Emirates. As the date of hearing approached, the parties requested Smith to act as mediator, and remain as arbitrator if case did not settle. Case was successfully resolved at the mediation. New Jersey law governed.
  • Appointed by the AAA/ International Centre for Dispute Resolution as Emergency Arbitrator in an emergency proceeding under ICDR’s 2014 Rules. Case involved a Bermuda based franchisor seeking injunctive relief against its Canadian franchisee during the wind down period of that relationship. Canadian governing law.
  • Appointed as arbitrator in two Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) cases involving U.S. and Chinese textile firms as Joint Venture partners. Claims totaled approximately U.S. $200 million. Chinese governing law.
  • Appointed as arbitrator in an International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) case involving Hong Kong, Swiss and U.S. parties relating to sale of jet engines. Claims over $50 million. New York governing law.
  • Appointed as arbitrator in London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) proceeding involving a large U.S. Government Contractor and its Middle Eastern subcontractor relating to services performed in Iraq during second gulf war. Claims over $10 million. Texas/U.S. Government Contracts governing law.
  • Arbitrator at 13th Annual Vis East Moot competition in Hong Kong—selected as “Star Arbitrator.”

Illustrative Experience as Counsel

Steve’s extensive experience at Lockheed Martin and in private practice following his early retirement has included litigated/arbitrated and mediated matters involving:

  • Breach of high tech contracts*
  • Transactions including acquisitions and divestitures
  • Formation and oversight of joint ventures involving U.S. and non-U.S parties*
  • Commercial and government satellites for US and non-US customers*
  • Commercial and government launch services for US and non-US customers*
  • Software development and distribution*
  • Insurance negotiation and recovery*
  • Theft of trade secrets including civil RICO claims
  • National Security involving classified and non-classified technologies
  • Antitrust matters and clearances with U.S. and foreign regulators
  • Environmental issues and toxic tort litigation
  • IP/patent issues and litigation
  • Construction*
  • Data rights issues
  • Aviation
  • Fraud/white collar
  • Executive employment disputes
  • Labor and Employment disputes including class actions*
  • Charging of costs under government and commercial contracts*
  • Internal Investigations

*involved mediations and/or arbitrations